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Health Update No. 432

Update (with good news [I know — what’s that?]): I just saw my gastroenterologist, and she said I’m OK to stop the TPN. So that means I’m not tied to that stupid thing 12 hours every day, and I don’t … Continue reading

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Meeting of the Minds, Revisited

So I met with the liver transplant team yesterday, though it was really just one doctor, the social worker and a care coordinator. It was a productive appointment, but only because I made it so. I think I made my … Continue reading

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It’s official: You can now access this blog via I haven’t had a proper URL in about eight or nine years, since the final days of my old band. I probably should have done this earlier, but at least … Continue reading

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Surgery Part 6: Ouch, Again

At the very beginning of this story I described waking up on the morning of my surgery: “I was frozen. Stuck. The pain wouldn’t let me move.” That episode lasted about 10 minutes, but it felt like an hour. Well, … Continue reading

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Care to Share?

I went down to Miami yesterday for preadmission testing and to meet with the stoma nurse. It was a good experience. Not only did I manage to get everything done on time, but the nurses I met with were awesome … Continue reading

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My good friend and former bandmate Devon Nelson started a fundraising page for me. Here’s a link:  

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Lots of Words

In December 2012, New Times Broward-Palm Beach published an article I wrote about my situation vis-à-vis being a performer. Originally, the story was going to be a 4,000-word feature, but stuff happened and I ended up rewriting it entirely. Here’s … Continue reading

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