Meeting of the Minds, Revisited

So I met with the liver transplant team yesterday, though it was really just one doctor, the social worker and a care coordinator. It was a productive appointment, but only because I made it so. I think I made my point pretty damn clear: I’m not going to put up with another post-op experience like with my colectomy.

As I was telling the transplant doctor about my bad time, I could see him start to formulate a response before I was finished speaking, so I nipped that in the bud, stressing that the problem was that no one in the hospital truly listened to me (hint, hint). I explained everything sufficiently the first time, but because that apparently wasn’t enough for the other doctors, I repeated myself just to drive home how serious I was (as serious as, um, a liver transplant).

The care coordinator said she’ll make sure I get to meet with the pain management team beforehand. Because there’s no surgery date for a transplant, we’ll just have to time it to when I’m farther up on the list. I think I’m finally comfortable with having a transplant. Let’s just hope this post doesn’t jinx the entire operation.

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