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Past Blog Posts

Surgery Part 1: The first installment of my eight-part hospital horror story, which recounts the horribly painful and frustrating post-op experience following my colectomy. To find the rest of the story, click on the links located at the top of each page, near the title.

Dear Colon: My “Dear John” letter to my colon written a week before I had a total colectomy (the whole colon was removed). Proof that I was starting to lose my mind before the operation.

How I Became an Alteregomaniac: The origin story of the Billy Boloby persona, which I created as a way to cope with my PSC and Crohn’s diagnoses. This one’s about health and music (and the importance of having awesome friends and family members offering their support).

Idiot’s Guide to Chronic Illness: The title says it all, really. A half-serious, half-humorous look at the daily struggles of being a long-term patient.

Articles Elsewhere

Billy Boloby Versus Crohn’s: A piece I wrote for New Times Broward-Palm Beach explaining my departure from the local music scene. (Hint: I got sick!)

Healthcare Jokes: Here’s something I wrote for Purehoney magazine after one of my early, non-surgical hospital experiences was less than a fun time. (Of course, my complaints here seem silly in light of my colectomy post-op horror show.)

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