Health Update No. 432

Update (with good news [I know — what’s that?]):
I just saw my gastroenterologist, and she said I’m OK to stop the TPN. So that means I’m not tied to that stupid thing 12 hours every day, and I don’t have to go to JFK every week for labs and dressing change. She wants me to leave in the PICC line for another week, just in case, but unless I go into convulsions or grow a third leg or whatever, I am done, son.

That’s this week. Next week, I’ll be in Miami for a second follow-up with the surgeon (a.k.a. the colon thief or CT), so I’m hoping he doesn’t throw a monkey wrench into all this feel-good sentiment. Last time I saw him, he wanted to know the liver transplant team’s thoughts on how well my liver will hold up after a another surgery (the ileostomy reversal). They said it’s OK, and I’m worried CT will want to get me back under the knife ASAP. I don’t think I need to explain why I’m in no hurry to do that.

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