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Surgery Part 6: Ouch, Again

At the very beginning of this story I described waking up on the morning of my surgery: “I was frozen. Stuck. The pain wouldn’t let me move.” That episode lasted about 10 minutes, but it felt like an hour. Well, … Continue reading

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Surgery Part 5: Movin’ On Up? Not Quite

Things were looking good on Saturday. I was told I’d be moving to a proper room later in the day, and the doctors were very happy with the rate of my recovery. They didn’t tell me this, though. I just … Continue reading

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Surgery Part 4: Eye See You

“Nurrrssse! … Nurrrssse! … Nurrrssse!” I woke up Thursday morning to the sound of silence, finally enjoying having my very own room in ICU.  The door was closed, and I was flipping through channels on the television, something I didn’t have … Continue reading

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Surgery Part 3: Wednesday, Hump Day

Wednesday, so-called “hump day” — the middle of the workweek. At the time, it seemed like I might be making it over the hump. The day started off a bit better than the two previous days. I wasn’t in as … Continue reading

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(Note: This is another piece I wrote before my colectomy. It’s long, but that’s because it’s a comprehensive look at the origins and purpose of the Boloby character.)

How I Became An Alter Egomaniac

By Jason Budjinski

Some people cope with chronic illness by relying on others, and I’m no exception. My “other” just happens to be an alter ego I created named Billy Boloby.

The denim-clad rocker types in the front pogoed up and down, drunkenly toasting champagne and splashing it all over the front of the stage. Some got on my white suede shoes, but I didn’t mind. The entire place was electric, and I was too busy feeding off that energy to worry about minor annoyances.

It was Dec. 31, 2003, and my band, Billy Boloby, was headlining the annual New Year’s Eve party at Palm Beach County’s premier alternative nightclub, Respectable Street. As the band’s frontman, I tried to make every performance as engaging as possible — a mix of dancing, pratfalls and general spontaneity.

That’s what Billy Boloby was known for, and Billy Boloby was what I was known for — and known as. People expected to see me fall off the stage and roll around. It was one of Boloby’s more salient characteristics, and something the local press always mentioned when writing about the band.

That was all many years ago.

When the phrase “fall precaution” was most recently written in reference to me, it wasn’t in a newspaper’s A&E section filed under “music.” Rather, it was on a hospital room dry-erase board, under “safety alerts/special needs.” And the name read “Jason Budjinski.” Because at that point, Billy Boloby was gone. Whether he was dead or on life support, I wasn’t sure. I just assumed the worst. Continue reading

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Idiot’s Guide to Chronic Illness

(Note: I wrote this before my colectomy, which I underwent on June 24. I’ll post pictures and thoughts on my experience soon enough. But I wrote this before I had any idea of how difficult my post-op recovery in the … Continue reading

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Dear Colon…

On Monday, June 24, I’m scheduled to have my entire colon removed. While the official reason is because pre-cancerous growths were discovered (complications of Crohn’s disease), and any potential for cancer can affect my placement on the liver transplant list … Continue reading

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